Kids Laboratory

Kids laboratory is something that we have always regarded as a priority, as children need to be continually stimulated and encouraged to develop their individual immagination and creativity. Blossomy sets up the so- called creativity labs for small groups of children of all ages, taking into account the child’s welfare and safety. Our aim is to improve children’ communicative and social skills.

Kids Party:

Every child has his own preferences about a particular theme or a cartoon’s character, a superhero, a princess.. what can be better than their birthday to get ready for a special party which will be unforgettable for everyone? Pick your favourite story, your special character or the colour you love the most and Blossomy will take care of the rest! We can provide you several ideas for a creative setting and according to the desires of every child, design the graphics of the party, realise creative invitations and take care of the banqueting. Blossomy collaborates with the best local suppliers, experts in cake design and children’s entertainment, to turn the party in a actual dream come true!